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Spreadsheet templates and master presentation slides help you start new projects faster.

1. Getting started faster

Teams are getting work done in record time. No more Flash warnings. Documents load faster. And, you never need to start from scratch again.

That’s because you can now create templates for spreadsheets and presentations you use time and time again. And, if you’re starting from an Office® document, that’s easier, too—our new importers bring in Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® files quickly and accurately.

New users? No problem. New onboarding guides and learning modules in the Workiva University help get up to speed quickly.

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Improved commenting and a new chart library are just some of the productivity enhancements available.

2. Increased productivity

We’re bringing you more of the things that you’ve always wanted. You can open the same document in multiple browser tabs or separate windows, and use multiple monitors to do side-by-side editing and comparisons—saving hours of time. New track changes and commenting experiences increase control and enhance collaboration.

In presentations, a new chart library gives you more precision, so you can create pixel-perfect charts without spending hours formatting. You can also view and edit charts and data side by side, so updates happen in real time.

Pre-built connectors for today’s most popular systems help you bring in more data, more easily.

3. Better connectivity

The next generation of the Workiva platform is an open platform, making it easy to connect to other systems. We’ve introduced several options for connecting to your systems of record.

New pre-built connectors let you connect to more than 40 systems, including SAP®, Oracle®, Workday®, and BlackLine®. You can automate the flow of data from your systems of record directly into the Workiva platform.

Powerful APIs enable even more opportunities to connect. They’re great for connecting to internal systems, like legacy data warehouses, and give your IT team more control over the flow of your data in and out of the Workiva platform.

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Link data like never before, with the ability to link multiple values in a single cell as well as multiple paragraphs in a single link.

4. Next level linking

We’ve also made it easier to connect your data inside our platform. Use subcell linking to link multiple values into one cell, which lets you do you things like include current and prior period values in the same cell, as separate links.

We’ve also added support for including multiple continuous paragraphs in a single source link, which makes it easy to reuse large amounts of content.

With next gen, you can also share entire sets of data with other teams across workspaces. Connected sheets and published datasets in spreadsheets make it easy to share data that you’ve pulled from your ERP, GL, or another system, or just imported from Excel. Do it all in the platform, and put an end to passing data around in desktop spreadsheets.

Underlying performance improvements mean the next generation of the Workiva platform is ready to handle more data, more slides, more of everything you can throw at it.

5. Performance and scale

We’ve seen teams like yours add more data, more users, and more reports than we could’ve imagined 10 years ago—and we love it. You’ve inspired us to make changes to our underlying platform architecture that enables the system to traverse more data, faster.

So go ahead—blow past the previous boundaries of page, cell, or slide counts. Bring in millions of records, and explore all that data without lag. Push the platform like never before.

We’ve also reduced the time it takes to import and export content like PDFs and Office files and significantly improved the quality of the imports and exports. 

Style guides and expanded formatting give you more control over how your reports and presentations look time after time.

6. Better formatting and design

Simplified formatting makes it easier to design great looking content, including multi-column text, expanded chart libraries, more shapes, and other new ways to customize formatting. Design your work faster, and improve the quality of your content.

Automatic pagination and continuous scroll make it easier to see how content will look on the page. Style guides can save hours of time that your team would have previously spent formatting content.

You can now present directly from the Workiva platform with confidence. A number changes minutes before you go in front of the board? No problem—updates can be made in seconds, even while presenting.

Work in the same documents at the same time as your team, without waiting on pencils or locks - simply set permissions and go.

7. Collaboration on your terms

Yes, real-time collaboration is finally here. Instead of pencils and locks, multiple people can work in the same document at the same time, with changes appearing as soon as they’re made.

The next generation platform has inspired rave reviews from our customers: “I like that people don’t get locked out. I like that I don’t get locked out.” Others appreciate always seeing the most up-to-date information, and some even use it to chat within the document. Roles, groups, and advanced permissions still make it easy to enhance control when you need it.

Workiva protects your data by implementing and adhering to several strict security protocols, which has earned the government’s FedRAMP Authority to Operate at the moderate impact level.

8. Security at scale

Data security is everything. In the past year, Workiva became FedRAMP Authorized at the moderate impact level, which means our platform is secure enough for most government agencies.

You can also take advantage of enhanced encryption controls with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). This is an additional level of data protection for a number of scenarios, including regulatory requests for data access, data breaches, and insider threats. You control your encryption key, which means that even we can’t see your data if you remove your key. These extra measures of security provide tighter control over your data and your work.

Workiva deployed more than 5,900 updates in the previous year, all to help our users get the most out of their experience.

9. New features, faster

In the next generation of the Workiva platform, we’re able to build new features faster, which means we can be quicker to respond to your evolving needs. In fact, more than 5,900 updates to the platform were deployed last year—a 50% increase from the year before and more than our first 5 years as a company combined.

Whether you’re bringing in more teams, using the Workiva platform for more processes or reports, or re-architecting an existing process, we’ll continue to be agile and more importantly, enable agility for you and your teams.

Users can ask questions any time with our expanded Customer Support team and in-app chat feature.

10. Next level support

Changes don’t stop at the platform. We’ve expanded our Customer Support team, so they can answer your toughest questions via our 24/7 support line and

You can also get answers without ever leaving the platform. Our new in-app chat responds in real time, and in-app guides point out new features and how to use them before you even know what you’re missing.

Want to learn more? Just visit the Workiva Community, University, or join an upcoming Amplify event.

Lessons learned from a power user

Ready to upgrade to the next generation of the Workiva platform? See what a risk management associate at a top 10 U.S. life insurance provider did to help lead her organization through the upgrade and how it’s changed the way they work.

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