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IPO Brings Discipline to Growing Firms



While a successful IPO can generate financial benefits for a company and its investors, the true advantages are likely to come from the long-term discipline the process instills on the entity's infrastructure.

Speakers at an IPO readiness panel sponsored by Workiva (NYSE:WK) in New York City said a public offering is an important event in a company’s lifecycle, but the transaction should be viewed as a relatively small part of the company’s preparations for its post-IPO operations.

“You need a very robust history of not missing your [forecast results] as well as robust sales pipeline tracking,” said James Disney, a managing director in Credit Suisse’s technology investing group. “You need internal discipline, and probably the shortest way you can do that is to work with your bankers and lawyers to identify the operational, financial and legal requirements and to understand what’s required as a public company.”

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