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How Workiva is Reshaping the Business of Corporate Data



Will Gregg, Vice President of Solutions at Workiva (NWSE:WK), sat down with Charleston Digital News to share how Workiva is reshaping corporate data collaboration, reporting and compliance.

Gregg operates from the Workiva office in Charleston, South Carolina where he and his team work on the company's newest product, Wdata. In the interview, Gregg discusses the challenges of breaking into established industries with new technology, and the joys of success when customers redefine business processes and streamline previously inefficient and costly processes.

"If you are a financial professional or an accountant at a public company and you have to produce a 10-K or a 10-Q or an 8-K or a proxy statement, or if you are producing a managerial report or an executive report or a board report – those are all things that involve lots of people, lots of complex data consolidation, data-collection processes. They need to be tightly controlled and they need to be auditable," said Gregg in the interview. "That's fundamentally what Wdesk and Wdata provide: A really cool, browser-based, collaborative reporting environment that helps teams work in a more controlled and automated way."

Read the full interview here.

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How Workiva is Reshaping the Business of Corporate Data


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