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Google API Management Leapfrogs AWS with Apigee Deal



API management has become increasingly important to companies such as Workiva, a financial reporting software developer and Google cloud customer based in Ames, Iowa. The company aims to expose more of its Wdesk cloud product to be a more extensible and open platform for managing data, but has had to do much of that in-house.

"Anything we can get to help in the areas of security, monitoring, rate limiting -- all those types of features are really helpful to companies like us to expose more application platforms through APIs," said Dave Tucker, Workiva senior director of platform development.

Workiva looked at an early version of a Google API management suite, Google Cloud Endpoints, but found it to be targeted more at mobile clients and somewhat immature. Apigee, on the other hand, provides important capabilities, such as staging and versioning for releasing APIs in a controlled manner, Tucker said...

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