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Built In reports: Workiva employees feel sense of belonging on day one

Built In Colorado Top Companies Hiring

Excerpt from "Find Your Match: 12 Colorado Tech Companies Hiring Now" by Taylor Karg for Built In Colorado. 


Built In Colorado, the online community for Colorado startups and tech companies, recently released a list of 12 Colorado tech companies hiring professionals in Colorado now. Workiva is among the companies on the list for its innovative, customer-first and inclusive culture.

Denver-based Workiva Engineer Manager, Marie Yue, shares why she chose Workiva and hasn't looked back:

“There were many reasons I accepted my job at Workiva, and the obvious were things like compensation, benefits and work-life balance,” Yue said. “But what really sold me was the positive feedback about working at Workiva that I got from my future coworkers during my interview process. I was looking for a place with a collaborative and supportive team culture where I could build cool things. I’ve been here for over a year and I love my job. All jobs are challenging at times, but when the team culture is good, it’s so much easier to tackle hard problems and accomplish goals! Workiva has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and we are able to pivot quickly and work on the most important projects to keep our customers happy.  

“This makes for a fun and technically challenging environment that’s always evolving. I also really appreciate the candid and informative virtual all-hands meetings that our CEO started hosting regularly after our offices closed due to COVID-19. They are a huge morale booster and we hear from different people around the company who speak to a variety of topics from company financials, OKRs, product roadmaps and more.”


For the latest news and information, visit the Workiva Newsroom.


Find Your Match: 12 Colorado Tech Companies Hiring Now


Marie Yue

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