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Day 9 of One Month to a Better Board - Board Governance and Risk

In his continuing series "30 Days to a Better Board," Tom Fox interviews Joe Howell, to garner his understanding of the role of a Board and both senior management and a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

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A Government in Transition: From Documents to Data

Dean Ritz, Senior Director of IP Strategy at Workiva (NYSE:WK), discusses the complexities behind transitioning from documents to data and the importance of a clearly defined DATA Act Information Model Schema.

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Workiva Ranks Among Training Magazine's Top 125

Training Magazine released it's list of the top 125 organizations that excelled at employee training and development in the last year. The Training Top 125 is the only report that ranks companies unsurpassed in harnessing human capital and Workiva is honored to be on their list.

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for Public Company Filers

Mike Starr shares tips for how filers can be on the forefront of imminent, groundbreaking regulatory changes, and can reduce their workload while significantly improving the quality of your XBRL financial data submitted to the SEC.

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Workiva Named Finalist in Cloud Award

Expanding the Accounting Ecosystem

Technology plays a central role in gathering, validating, analyzing, and sharing the non-financial information inside and outside organizations. Workiva provides users the ability to streamline that data collection for annual reports and more.

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Compliance Isn't Going Away: 30 Days to a Better Compliance Program

Companies understand that compliance and business ethics have a role in not only driving business strategies and initiatives but that more compliant companies are better run companies and at the end of the day more profitable because they have better controls.

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XBRL US Data Quality Committee Announces Third Set of Approved Rules Covering Over 3,300 US GAAP Concepts

XBRL US recently announced that it had published the third set of freely available, approved rules and guidance developed by the Data Quality Committee (DQC). These rules are designed for issuers to use to identify and correct errors in their SEC filings.

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TAI Board Chairman, Dave Tucker Shares 2017 Priorities

Dave Tucker discusses his priorities as Board Chair for the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) in 2017.

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How to Make Your Voice Heard in the Idea Lab at TEC 2017

Mitz Banarjee discusses how TEC connects Wdesk users with Workiva software developers to make their dreams a reality in the Idea Lab at TEC 2017.

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Why Workiva Works With Google on Cloud KMS

Dave Tucker explains why Workiva uses Google for our Cloud Key Management System and the benefits it provides our company and our clients.

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Nine Steps To Help Simplify the FP&A Process

Mike Rost discusses the steps necessary to streamline and simplify the FP&A process by leveraging technology like Wdesk to optimize the real-world benefits of process improvement.

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IPO Readiness: The Key To A Successful Public Offering

Learn the complicated processes and potential pitfalls of taking a company public without leveraging technology like Wdesk to streamline the complex processes.

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Revenue Recognition, Meet Internal Controls in 2017

Tammy Whitehouse discusses what accounting and audit leaders can expect in 2017 when monumental accounting change crashes head on with continued intensity around internal controls.

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The Data Coalition: 2016 in Review

Workiva (NYSE:WK) has continued to strongly support the efforts of the Data Coalition to advance digital data standards.

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How the Wdesk Mobile App Helps You Stay Connected

Dean Ritz discusses the difficulties companies and their employees face when completing tasks after hours or on-the-go. With the release of the Wdesk mobile app, users can stay connected while avoiding disruptions with the ability to access Wdesk features on their mobile devices.

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Why Financial Data Standards Matter

Susan Yount, Director of Reporting Practices at Workiva (NYSE:WK), comments on the future of financial data standards.

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To Renew or to Replace Software? CFO's Say it Depends on Business Capabilities

Sean Quinn, executive vice president and CFO at Cimpress, discusses the benefits his company has seen from implementing Wdesk in the finance department of his company.

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improved internal controls may lower audit costs

How Improved Internal Controls Can Lower Audit Costs for Public Companies

Recently compiled data regarding audit costs suggest that large public companies may be getting their internal controls in order.

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FERF Study Says Companies are Taking Action Against Rising Audit Costs

Tammy Whitehouse discusses how applications like the cloud-based productivity platform Wdesk created by Workiva (NYSE:WK) will affect the rising costs involved with audits for public companies.

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How Auditable Management Review Controls Lower Cost of Compliance

In this article, Joe Howell discusses the cost and impact of management review controls and explains the solution. A lot of companies think they don't have the time or energy to accomplish all the manual efforts required to increase the auditability of their management review controls documentation, but there isn't a simple fix.

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