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10 cities with great tech career opportunities

10 under the radar cities

Excerpt from "10 under-the-radar cities with great tech career opportunities" by Sharon Flotentine for CIO Australia.

To find that next great tech career opportunity, you might want to look beyond the usual places. Sure, San Francisco, Seattle and New York offer the highest-paying IT jobs, but factor in cost of living, commute times and housing expenses, and those tech hot spots look much less appealing.

But where should you begin your search? Recruiting and job posting site ZipRecruiter dug a little deeper for you, analyzing hiring data to uncover cities that hold the most promise for career opportunities in 2018, taking into account factors such as job availability, industry diversity, unemployment, earnings and community health, among others, says Cathy Barrera, chief economist for ZipRecruiter.

“We do look at different data than some other lists, and these measures might not be ‘traditional,’ but we think they’re incredibly important factors for someone who’s looking for a job, or who’s considering relocating their family,” says Barrera. “Things like the overall unemployment rate, commute times, community health, walkability score, availability of public transportation, and the ‘opportunity index,’ which is the ratio of available jobs to people looking for jobs — these factors all contribute to making certain areas great places to live,” Barrera says.

Ames, Iowa ranks #5 on the top ten list.

Startup software companies such as Workiva were founded in Ames to attract talent from the neighboring university, Iowa State, which has strong educational programs in engineering and computer science.

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10 under-the-radar cities with great tech career opportunities


Sharon Flotentine

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