National Grid + Workiva

National Grid社、法人報告サイクルを短縮してコラボレーションを促進

National Grid ロゴのイラスト

Workiva Solutions

  • 法定開示報告

National Grid’s vision is to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future. And, this vision is delivered through their core values dedicated to finding a better way and making things happen. 

財務報告マネージャーの Katie Davies氏と財務報告担当アカウンタントのDavid Evans氏がNational Gridの法定財務諸表を作成するプロセスを変革するための行動を起こすきっかけとなったのは、これらの価値への取り組みです。両氏は以下の実現を望んでいました。

  • Shorten their year-end statutory reporting cycle
  • レポートの信頼性と一貫性の向上
  • Automate the process as much as possible
  • 財務諸表への寄稿者間のコラボレーションを促進

これらの目標を達成するために、National Gridは Workivaに注目しました。


With Workiva, National Grid is able to connect, control and standardize the end-to-end statutory reporting process for their 26 entities. And, they can do this in a platform that provides them with a sense of familiarity.


Throughout the implementation, the Workiva team worked closely with National Grid, shared best practices and guided them through every step of the process.

“Workiva demonstrated a breadth of professionalism, listened to our requirements and transformed our ideas into reality,” said Katie. “We had a dedicated person from Workiva holding our hand every step of the way, from design to implementation and testing.”


And, best of all, National Grid was set up and running before the lockdown went into place.

“Our implementation was like a dream,” said Katie. “And, luckily we had everything in place way before the lockdown and year-end.”

With everyone working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefit of connecting the people, processes and data in one central platform quickly became evident.


Helping drive these gains, and building trust in their data, was the linking capability in the platform.

“With some of the more repetitious disclosures that we have in our statements, it can be a very tedious process to update 26 different documents. Linking helps solve this,” said David.

National Gridは、子会社のドキュメントにリンクされたさまざまなセクションを含むマスタードキュメントを作成しました。情報を編集する必要がある場合、一度更新するだけで、必要な数のインスタンスにわたって一貫した同じ言語と開示で情報が自動的に反映されます。

This helps National Grid save time because now they are just editing and reviewing a change once, instead of 26 times. National Grid has over 50,000 linked instances throughout their statutory reports, and this connectivity helps free up time that they can now dedicate to value-added activities.

And, by connecting their data, National Grid gained the confidence that the figures in the back half of the accounts are consistent throughout their documents, including the narrative heavy parts of the financial statement.


With everyone collaborating in real-time on one platform, National Grid was able to drive out the inefficiencies of communication between the different groups of stakeholders.



National Grid gave their external auditors access to the Workiva cloud platform, and this access, combined with the commentary function, helped speed up their audit process.


“And it was all centralized as well,” said Katie. “This helped us speed up the audit because it removed the need to send emails back and forth between various parties. Plus, our auditors were able to access the information online via the cloud, so the fact that we were on lockdown didn't impact our process or our efficiency,” said Katie.

National Gridは、監査人が簡単にアクセスできる口座開示の裏付けとなる監査調書をアップロードしました。これにより両当事者のプロセスが改善されました。


“The fact that we were able to achieve the aspirations we set out a year ago really comes down to teamwork, and the availability of the Workiva platform to our team and auditors,” said Katie.