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About this Event:

If you don’t tell your own story, someone else may do it for you in a way you might not like. And if our organizations don’t step up to shape the future, we can’t build what we really want to see, says corporate strategist, strategic futurist, and bestselling author Nancy Giordano. 

Join Joel Capperella of Workiva in this webinar as he asks Nancy about her thoughts on technology, transformation, trust, and owning your role in building a better world.

After this event, you will be able to:

  • Describe how critical roles, such as finance, accounting, risk, compliance, and sustainability, are changing
  • Recall how individuals can effect change within an organization to then spark positive changes beyond the organization
  • Explain how the right technology can accelerate transformation and build trust in data used for decision-making to create a stronger future for all

Workiva offers one complimentary CPE credit for this webinar.

Not able to attend? Complete registration today, and we will email you the recording.

And, if you're in need of some new reading material, you may be in luck! We're giving away 25 signed copies of Nancy's book Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger to attendees of the webinar on May 24.

Official rules for book giveaway here.

Event Details:

2:00-3:00p.m. EDT

2:00-3:00p.m. EDT


Joel Capperella headshot

Joel Capperella

VP Product Marketing


Nancy Giordano headshot

Nancy Giordano

Strategic futurist, corporate strategist, and bestselling author

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