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Accelerate Virtual 2023: Unity in Reporting

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Los nuevos mandatos y las crecientes expectativas de los inversores han provocado un cambio de paradigma en los informes corporativos. Las finanzas, la ASG y el riesgo han convergido.

Now’s the time for unifying, decisive action. Join a panel of your peers, industry leaders, and reporting experts during three sessions. It’s an opportunity to gain market insights about the latest annual reporting period while establishing a new focus to drive your integrated reporting and performance management.



Session: Unify teams: Break your silos

The benefits of integrated financial and sustainability reporting will only be realised when finance, sustainability, and risk teams work in unison. Speakers will discuss sharing ownership of integrated reporting, establishing seamless and focused collaboration, and sharing proven methods for overcoming operational silos. 

At this session: 

  • Address the biggest roadblocks limiting cross-functional collaboration at your organisation
  • Identify when you should work closely with other teams—and when it makes sense to limit contact 
  • Learn how industry leaders have successfully navigated silos within their organisation 


Session: Unify process: How will the CSRD impact digital finance transformation? 

Whether the CSRD directly impacts you or not, it’s been a game-changer for expectations placed on integrated reporting. During this roundtable, the panel will assess the broader impact that the CSRD and other global ESG mandates will have on digital finance transformation, share specific ways they’re adapting processes in response to the mandate, and discuss how to be proactive in the face of constant disruption. 

At this session: 

  • Hear the results of a benchmark, exclusive Europe-wide survey and understand market concerns and priorities for digital finance transformation
  • Learn how ESG regulations are shifting the goalposts—and how companies like yours are responding 
  • Identify how to turn the challenges of disruption into opportunities to gain a competitive advantage 

Session: Unify data: A CFO’s perspective 

Jill Klindt, SVP and CFO, has been with Workiva since it was founded in 2008. Over the last 14 years, she has guided the company on its growth journey from an Iowa-based start-up to a listed global enterprise. Within her role, it’s critical to have an effective grasp of data management—she needs confidence in what she reports. 

During this keynote, she will share the lessons she’s learned along the way and leave you with actions you can take to improve data management at your organisation. 

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