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The Wdesk cloud platform connects documents, data, and people in new and powerful ways. Wdesk enables your organisation to improve productivity, uncover insights, and manage the data that drives your business.

  • Collaboration at Scale
  • Data Consistency
  • History and Audit Trail
  • Version Control
  • Wdesk Platform Collaboration at Scale

    Collaboration at Scale

    Your team, your organisation, your content—working together. Connect your entire enterprise to your most critical data within a single cloud platform.

  • Wdesk Platform Data Consistency

    Data Consistency

    Wdesk is your single source of truth. Across the enterprise, teams can rely on our cloud platform as the place to get final answers. Connect and reuse data and narrative throughout your organisation.

  • Wdesk Platform History and Audit Trail

    History and Audit Trail

    Ensure consistency and accuracy in every step of your business process. In Wdesk, every change leaves a digital record. Grant powerful review capabilities directly to your reviewers and auditors.

  • Wdesk Platform Version Control

    Version Control

    Your team is always on the same page. Manage your documents and data with less effort and more accuracy. Teams work on the same version of documents and data in Wdesk.

Learn what powers Wdesk.

Success comes in all sizes.

  • Wdesk has helped us improve the quality of our work by simplifying our layouts, processes, data linking, and especially, our collaboration. The application allows us to continuously improve how we operate and focus on our team's mandate.
  • What sparked my interest in Wdesk was the fact that I could use it to replace our 600 spreadsheets. I have the ability to update a piece of data in one spot and have it flow through the entire SOX program.
  • We actually use Wdesk for documents that we don't even file—like a big memo that needs to be written—because you have the ability to let multiple people in the document at the same time. We actually set that up in Wdesk—we just print it out and sign off as opposed to filing it.
  • Our workload was pretty heavy. During close, we'd have people here every night until 10 p.m. When you're working those hours all the time and you're able to get out of here at 6 or 7 p.m. through a closing, that's a nice savings for your employees.

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