Management Reporting

Connect data and reports to transform your internal reporting. Present real-time numbers, narrative, tables, and charts without manual work.
  • Manage data from multiple sources

    Easily connect, explore, and interpret massive datasets in a unified cloud environment. Deliver information with context to stakeholders for faster, more-informed decision-making.

    Real-time access to data

    Workiva enables teams to manage ad hoc and routine requests and perform faster, more reliable data review and analysis. Enrich, filter, and refresh report data easily while maintaining final output format.

    With increased accessibility to financial and nonfinancial key performance indicators (KPIs), you can simplify internal reporting, such as management or operational reports.

    Consolidated statement of income

    Improved data management

    Collaborate on enterprise data centralized in the cloud to streamline corporate performance management processes, regardless of geographic or departmental barriers. Automate data collection and aggregation from ERPs, CRMs, GLs, and other systems and collaborators.

    Spend more time analyzing KPIs and telling the company story, rather than requesting, collecting, and checking numbers.

    Management Reporting sources
  • Connect data across reports

    Workiva enables you to link data from multiple sources for real-time insight across the organization.

    Trusted numbers

    Drive accuracy and consistency between management reporting and other financial reporting by connecting data directly to your documents and presentations.

    Simply link data across tables, charts, and narratives. When changes occur, all of your downstream reports are updated automatically—providing more time for value-added activities, such as analysis and commentary.

    Revenue projections vs. full year budget

    Data transparency

    Limit the use of disconnected and disparate desktop spreadsheets, and eliminate version control issues with a single source of data in the cloud.

    Combine numbers and narrative in a single platform that maintains a complete audit trail of all users' activities. Create blacklines to compare versions side by side.

    Revision history on Statement of Income
  • Streamline the reporting process

    Simplify complex reporting with a collaborative cloud platform that connects people, data, and processes.

    Cross-organization collaboration

    Work with teams in the same document, at the same time, to prepare and present your complete company story.

    Role-based permissions enable report owners to control who can access, view, and edit data and commentary. Messaging within the platform eliminates email chains and lost communications. Review, comment, approve, and publish in one easy-to-use reporting environment.

    Income results

    Customized outputs in less time

    Easily create high-quality management reports, board books, and presentations in a single platform. Format reports the way you want—in spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

    Reduce time during report creation with the ability to roll forward frequently used reports, as well as customized style guides and templates.

    YTD actual vs. plan and last year
  • Distribute reports filled with insight

    Deliver reliable analysis and operational reports that can more accurately drive decision-making.

    Increased visibility into the organization

    The ability to centralize cross-departmental data provides a full view of company performance. Access real-time data updates in dashboards, enabling faster and more-informed decisions.

    Break down data silos. Build dynamic reports supported by strategic insights. Bring more value to the business.

    Balance sheet projections

    Digital transformation

    Create a connected, collaborative, and continuous process for performing analysis and developing reports. Transform traditional processes to greatly reduce cycle times and ensure accuracy.

    Workiva empowers teams to deliver a holistic view of the organization, with more control and less reliance on IT.

    Balance sheet current assets

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