Internal Controls

Be confident that information in your risk assessments, risk control matrix (RCM), process narratives, flowcharts, testing documents, presentations and sign-offs are in sync.
  • Rethink GRC.

    Stop hunting down the most up-to-date information to present to management, external auditors and the audit committee.

    EMEA Internal Controls Scoping and Planning

    Scoping and planning

    Increase transparency, easily aggregate risk assessment data and prepare scoping framework and methodology in a scalable environment.
  • Create and maintain a repeatable planning process.

    EMEA Internal Controls Design


    Work simultaneously with process owners, control owners and audit teams. Create a central repository for all controls and testing documentation in one secure environment.
  • Attach

    Attach supporting evidence, such as PDFs or Excel® files, directly to testing documents.

    EMEA Internal Controls Collection and Testing

    Sign-off and certification

    Electronically send certifications to signers, so they can complete on the go. View statuses on a dynamic, real-time dashboard and schedule automatic reminders.
  • Requests

    Internal audit can create an evidence request for control owners, so they can attach samples to testing documents.

    EMEA Internal Controls Evidence

    Collection and testing

    Manage, test, and share supporting evidence with process owners, control owners, internal and external audit teams and upper management throughout the testing process.
  • Mark up and export.

    Ensure clear and concise annotations and a full audit trail of all markups. Export to one .zip file.

    EMEA Internal Controls Export and Reporting


    View testing statuses, issue tracking and remediation on real-time dashboards that ensure process transparency. Guarantee the accuracy of reports with up-to-date information for internal and external audit and management.

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