Enterprise Risk Management

Strengthen your risk culture and enable better risk-based decisions by connecting real-time data across all three lines of defense.

  • Scalable ERM risk assessments.

    Coordinate with risk owners in a seamless, intuitive ERM process. With Wdesk you can simplify tracking and managing assessment feedback in real time, enabling a stronger ERM program.

    ERM risk assessment

    Collect and assess risk data.

    Optimize the capture of your most critical ERM risk data leaving more time for risk analysis and action.
  • Capture and analyze enterprise risk data.

    Optimize the value of your ERM function with detailed correlation and risk analysis while clearly evaluating and managing risk relationships.

    Risk Aggregation and Analysis

    Aggregate and analyze risk data.

    Create a clear picture of your enterprise risk environment from multiple risk data sources. Capture a single source of truth in your ERM data.
  • Rank and prioritize your risk.

    Cloud-based software helps clearly define ERM risk priorities and criteria and align your ERM program to business objectives and strategy.

    Risk prioritization

    Risk prioritization

    With key risk indicator (KRI) data, create an objective, value-added approach to risk prioritization and drive ERM consistency across all lines of defense.
  • Risk dashboards and detailed reporting.

    With Wdesk, effectively report the right enterprise risk management data in the right format. Indicate a clearly defined action that should be taken as a result of that data.

    Risk reporting

    Risk reporting and dashboards

    Use detailed graphs and heatmaps, quantitative measurements against KRIs and qualitative narrative from risk owners to inform decisions.

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