Banking and Capital Markets

Wdesk provides the flexibility to identify and adapt to changing regulatory and management needs.
  • A single, collaborative environment

    Recovery and resolution plan

    Resolution and recovery plan

    Build an optimised reporting process that will help you eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in large documentation processes with many constituents.
  • Cloud-based access means you can work from anywhere.



    Easily allow all contributors to update their data and content from anywhere, at any time in a controlled and auditable platform—without version control issues.
  • Establish a fully-auditable documentation process.

    Stress testing

    Stress testing

    Create a sustainable and repeatable process for developing methodology and narratives, necessary supporting documentation and presentations.
  • Linked data is always up to date



    Streamline submission, supporting narratives and documentation. Create active links to your scenario results and financial data, so your information is always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Flexible control over your sensitive information

    Integrated and designed reporting

    Integrated and designed reporting

    Optimise your interim and annual reporting processes, and more effectively integrate them with your chosen design firm.

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Transform internal controls design, testing, certification and reporting.


Wdesk ensures the accuracy of your insurance data.
  • Wdesk has helped us improve the quality of our work by simplifying our layouts, processes, data linking, and especially, our collaboration. The application allows us to continuously improve how we operate and focus on our team's mandate.

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