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How to Manage ESG Reporting: The Ultimate Guide

Key Takeaways

The way that ESG is being reported is changing. Organisations know that they need to ensure a smooth integration of ESG and annual reporting processes. But exactly what's changing and how to prepare is still unclear for many. 

Navigating the changes can be a minefield and there are a lot of open questions that still need to be resolved. Ultimately, the answer lies in establishing integrated processes, supporting collaboration between disparate teams, and automation. 

This e-book gives straightforward answers to some of the biggest ESG questions. Read it to find answers to: 

  • What ESG data needs to be included in the annual report 
  • Who needs to be involved in the ESG reporting process 
  • How ESG is working alongside other mandates to disrupt the annual reporting process 
  • Why it's important to future-proof your ESG reporting processes now to mitigate further inevitable change  
ESG Reporting Guide



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