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Embark provides certified experience with the full suite of Workiva products to maximize overall platform value. Thanks to dedicated bandwidth from a fully-scalable team of ex-Big 4 CPAs and data & analytics specialists, Embark combines industry expertise, implementation and use case best practices, best-in-class templates, and hands-on training to deliver genuine value before, during, and after every implementation and optimization project.

Key benefits delivered through this partnership include:                                                   

Get the most value & ROI from Workiva

Optimize current Workiva uses and explore new ones.

Report timely and accurately

Improve reporting processes, enhancing and streamling all reporting workflows and related technologies.

Optimize your reporting data

Prepare and transform your enterprise data and data infrastructure within Workiva and across the entire organization

Save time and protect your organization

Integrated risk management through improved and automated controls and audit management

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