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A ‘Life-Changing’ Solution: Why Investec Uses the Workiva Platform for Financial Reporting

Anglo-South African international banking and wealth management group Investec was looking for a solution that would put its reporting team in…
Regulatory Reporting

Automation, Transformation, Integration: How Solutions 30 Cut Two Weeks from its Annual Reporting Process

Solutions 30, a provider of multi-technical services based in Luxembourg and with a pan-European imprint, wanted to strengthen its annual…

Financial Reporting

Bridging the Gaps: How Connectivity Synced FLEETCOR’s Statutory Reporting

Experience FLEETCOR’s journey in leveraging automation across its multi-entity statutory reporting, which led to a significant decrease in…

Statutory Reporting

Bringing the Rigor of Financial Reporting to ESG Reports

Cognizant published its first ESG report aligned to SASB standards in 2020. The company is on a mission to make its ESG reporting process just as…

ESG Reporting

Baker Hughes Blends Simplification, Investor-Grade Data, and Automation to Meet Today’s ESG Demands

Sustainability is critical to Baker Hughes, a leading energy technology company. It stays ahead of the game through investor-grade data,…

ESG Reporting

Comme une fragrance de transformation pour le Reporting Financier d’Interparfums

Profitant de la mise en place du reporting électronique (ESEF) en Europe, Interparfums a souhaité franchir le pas pour moderniser, avec l’aide de…

ESEF Reporting

First Across the Finish Line: How Workiva Powered JDE Peet’s Inaugural Annual Report

The Global Accounting and Reporting Manager at JDE Peet’s shares why, ahead of publishing its first annual report in 2020, the firm extended its…

ESEF Reporting

Asset Manager’s New Way of Fund Reporting Outperforms

An alternative asset manager transformed its fund reporting process and then its private fund reporting with help from an executive who wasn’t…

SEC Reporting

Cornerstone Building Brands Reconstructs Internal Audit and SOX Compliance, Saves $1M+

Juggling thousands of files to manage hundreds of internal controls can be stressful—not to mention risky. With the help of Workiva, Cornerstone…

SOX Compliance

Endeavour Strikes Reporting Gold with Workiva

Endeavour Mining supports sustainable practices, but their accounting team was stuck in a manual reporting process that wasn’t working. With…

All In: Solenis Signs on to Use Workiva Across the Enterprise

Controller Jordan Brackett had an idea to use a single platform to manage global statutory reporting, tax reporting, monthly operational reporting…

Internal Controls Management

Software Analytics Company New Relic Ups Its Proxy Game

After regularly creating its 10-Qs and 10-Ks in the cloud, New Relic’s legal team decided to produce its proxy, 8-Ks, and other periodic filings…

SEC Reporting

Samsonite Packs AI into Financial Reporting

Jeff Brown, Director of Financial Reporting, missed using Workiva to automate manual work, reduce the risk of error, and manage large amounts of…

Financial Reporting

Signify Shines Bright with First ESEF Filing

Pandemics and regulatory delays didn’t stop the Signify finance team from submitting their first ESEF filing a year before the mandate. Hear how…

ESEF Reporting

Finance Transformation at KeyBank Expands to CECL, SOX, and More

Stacy Gilbert is finding new ways to use Workiva to simplify work at KeyBank. After using Workiva for resolution planning, SEC reporting, and…

Regulatory Reporting

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