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How top teams automate financial reporting.

Whether you're prepping regulatory filings or the quarterly deck for Maria, automate to cut time and risk so you can stand behind your story every time.

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Use your accounting expertise as intended.

You didn't come this far to copy, paste, assemble. Automate tedious financial reporting tasks like double-checking numbers and updating your analysis and commentary 10 minutes before a board meeting. Gain the speed and flexibility you need to understand the “why” behind your financials and keep executives informed—all without working another late night.


Connect data, from input to output

Our APIs and connectors make it easy to link data, like account balances or transaction details, from just about any source such as ERPs, consolidation systems, or budget and planning systems. Reduce the risk of manual errors, and use the same data across all workstreams.

workiva platform for finance and accounting teams

Auto-update docs, spreadsheets, and decks

Stop wasting time chasing financial changes after that last-minute topside adjustment. With linked data, update financial data everywhere all at once—whether it’s formatted as a number, in a table, or shows up in text as “increase” or “decrease.” See automatic updates from financial statements to iXBRLTM facts to board decks and anything in between so you have more time for analysis.

workiva platform for finance and accounting teams

Enjoy collaboration for Type A teams

Close the books on financial chaos and keep burnout at bay. Get stakeholders on the same page, literally, across executive teams, FP&A, internal audit, legal, sustainability, and more. Work together with real-time editing and manage timely and secure digital reviews in the cloud.

* iXBRL is a trademark of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The iXBRL™ standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.
workiva platform for finance and accounting teams

Connect with ESG, audit, and risk teams—all in one place.

Know your business—all of it. Share the same results across all reports by bringing teams together in the Workiva platform.
10 Reasons Accounting and Risk Professionals Choose Workiva

Find out why reporting and compliance professionals trust the cloud to store critical data.

Create Better Statements of Cash Flows

Improve the statement of cash flows process with connected data and Workiva.

SEC Professionals Group

This online community fosters networking, promotes industry thought leadership, and provides opportunities for members to share best practices.

Let’s get to work.

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