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Update financial statements automatically with connected data.

Simplify the monthly financial statement grind with the Workiva platform—automate tedious tasks and let the real work begin.


Stop wasting your time collecting data, and start connecting data with the Workiva platform. Map your accounts from multiple systems, entities, or ledgers to a single spreadsheet so everything comes together cleanly—and automatically. Clean and transform data to assemble monthly and quarterly financial statements. Refresh your connected data and see updates everywhere in seconds, with every change.

Connect data, instead of just collecting data

Increase accuracy and consistency with data connected directly to your statements from your systems and sources. No more copy and paste headaches or death by data gathering.

Streamline your data prep all in one place

Everything is in one location, making it easy to prepare, summarize, and slice from millions of rows of data instantly. Plus, do it all as a team, at the same time, and in a single place.

One-click updates, real-time data

With a single click, changes in data can be automatically updated across all reports in seconds—including any last-minute edits to numbers and text.

Thousands of organizations are transforming the way they work.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn't have to.

Master Working File Data Sources Systems Trial Balance Budget Data Head Count Data Avikro, Inc. Quarterly Report Assets 1,111,986 Assets 1,111,986 70,000

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