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KBR + Workiva

How KBR Makes Informed, Transparent Risk-Based Business Decisions

Disconnected Challenges

  • Manual, paper-based processes
  • Disparate data sources
  • Not enough time for risk discussions

Connected Results

  • A single source of truth using a consistent data framework
  • Ability to proactively manage risk using a flexible platform
  • Automation of manual processes allows more time for critical risk discussions with leadership

Why They Chose Workiva

KBR selected Workiva’s flexible GRC platform to seamlessly collect, analyze, manage, and report risks across the organization—all in a single, secure cloud platform. The visibility into risk also helps KBR leaders drive informed, transparent risk-based decisions.
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Workiva Solutions

  • Enterprise Risk Management

Composed of multiple business units, KBR delivers science, technology, and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. With hundreds of active projects, traditional paper processes made it challenging for KBR to keep up with risk management across the entire organization.

They needed to spend less time shuffling through papers and more time facilitating critical risk discussions with leadership. To ditch manual processes and work simultaneously in the cloud, the team set out on a journey to find the right enterprise risk management (ERM) solution.

“Workiva delivers a flexible, transparent, and user-friendly interface for managing risk data and presenting risk data to others.”
—Jeremy Ford, Director of Commercial Risk and Enterprise Risk Management, KBR

KBR prioritized technology that would help them automate repetitive tasks, increase data accuracy, and improve stakeholder transparency. 

They chose Workiva’s connected GRC platform to elevate their ERM strategy. The team was able to easily embed their entire risk management process into the platform, allowing them to seamlessly gather and synthesize data and easily report results. 

In addition, KBR has also been able to:

  • Build trust and facilitate collaboration and information sharing with all stakeholders
  • Link risk data for automatic updates anytime there is a change
  • Increase visibility into key risk factors across the organization

“We use the Workiva platform as a single source of truth for our risk data to help facilitate the risk discussions we have with management and leadership.”
—Jeremy Ford, Director of Commercial Risk and Enterprise Risk Management, KBR

KBR is focused on creating a culture where risk is a fundamental business principle, and Workiva has helped them achieve this. The team has a central location to manage the broad scope of risk with a single source of truth.

With the Workiva platform, they can now:

  • Anticipate and respond to change quickly in a complex—and evolving—risk environment
  • Identify and pursue new opportunities in a more organized manner
  • Respond to deviations in internal or external factors quickly and consistently
  • Deliver comprehensive, consistent risk reports across the portfolio
  • Visualize risk profiles quickly and easily with dashboard heat maps
  • Empower strategic risk discussions with data-driven presentations

In addition, KBR leaders can now focus on risks and impact mitigation while leveraging real-time data to make informed, transparent, and defensible risk-based decisions.

“There's a lot that we've been able to do with the flexibility of the platform, from populating and managing our data to presenting our data to our management and leaders in ways that would be really hard to do in a paper world.”
—Jeremy Ford, Director of Commercial Risk and Enterprise Risk Management

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