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Pick your credential based on the Workiva solution you want to learn. Check out all of Workiva's badge and certification options.

Prepare For Your Exam

Complete the corresponding certification learning path in the Partner Resource Library.

Take Your Exam

Exams are scheduled automatically after completion of a certification or specialization learning path.

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  • Certification Program Path: Complete a certification program path in order to qualify to take an exam
  • Exam: The final step in the certification process. Instructions on how to complete the exam are included in the certification program paths.
  • Badges: Earn badges by completing certification program paths.
  • Solution or Platform Certifications: Earn certifications by completing the exam in a particular certification program path for a specific solution or the Workiva Platform

Instructions for registering for a certification are given at the end of each certification path.

Badges and certifications allow our partners to develop specialized skills relative to Workiva that increase credibility and allow potential customers to identify partners who are qualified to help them with their solution. This can lead to higher earning potential and the ability to identify where custom solutions could be built that leverage the Workiva platform.

Partners have their own learning space, The Partner Resource Library, that contains a learning experience designed around partners’ needs. It contains eLearning courses specific to partners such as sales demos and implementations.

The Partner Resource Library was launched on January 17, 2023. Learning Hub accounts identified as partners were moved and utilize the same username and password that was previously used on the Learning Hub.

No, at this time certification exams for partners are free.

Exams are timed and cannot be resumed once started. The duration of exams vary by certification and range between 20 and 60 minutes.

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Our forms are currently down.

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