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Start with our foundational learning paths to lay the groundwork for certification.


Workiva Essentials

A foundational learning path that introduces Workiva and the fundamentals our partners need to know to get started with our solutions.

Workiva Platform

This course is focused on functionality within the Workiva platform, such as workspaces, blacklines, permissioning, docs, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

Workiva Database Implementation Fundamentals

A learning path that outlines topics such as understanding the database toolbox, preparing data, and importing data.


Take it to the next level with our solution-specific learning paths.


  • Learning Path: Complete a Learning Path sequence in order to qualify to take an exam

  • Exam: The test is taken after going through a Learning Path that will allow you to earn a certification

  • Badges: Earn badges by taking Learning Paths

  • Solution or Platform Certifications: Earn certifications by completing the exam in a particular Learning Path for a specific solution or the Workiva Platform

Upon completion of the Learning Path, individuals will be given explicit instructions on how to enroll in an exam. Individuals will create a profile in the exam system and choose a date and time to attempt their exam.

The Workiva Essentials and Workiva Platform Learning Paths are intended for all Partners.

We will post updated dates on the Partner Portal and include them in the quarterly Partner newsletter.

Badges will be offered for all Learning Paths and certifications moving forward and no retroactive badges will be issued.

Badges and certifications allow our partners to develop a specialized skillset relative to Workiva that increases credibility and allows potential customers to understand which partners are most prepared to help them with their solution. This can lead to higher earning potential and the ability to identify where custom solutions could be built that leverage the Workiva platform.

If you are highly experienced with the Workiva Platform, you have the option to test out without having to complete the training content in the Learning Hub. To test out, login to QuestionMark and choose the correct exam. Once you pass your exam, request your "certified" badge to share across your social media platforms.

You likely don't have the correct role type selected.  Log in to your Learning Hub account and click on your profile (the circle next to the search bar).  Under "profile" be sure the correct Partner type is selected under the "Please Select Your Workiva Role" drop down menu.  Logout of the Learning Hub, log back in, and you will have access to all of the Partner learning content.

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