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Workvia Platform Certification Badge

Workiva Platform

Focused on functionality within the Workiva platform, such as workspaces, blacklines, permissioning, docs, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.


Take your learning to the next level with our solution-specific paths.



Badges are earned after completing certification program paths and specific courses. Share them across social media and in your email signature to show others you are knowledgeable about the Workiva Platform and/or a specific solution. When you are ready, level up from knowledgeable to expert by completing our certification exams. 

Upon completion of a certification program path, individuals will be given explicit instructions on how to enroll in an exam. 

The Workiva Platform certification program path is applicable to all customers.  We recommend reading the certification program path descriptions to find the solution-specific path that is right for you.

Badges and certifications allow you to market your specialized skill set relative to Workiva; providing you a competitive edge during promotion time or when applying for that next big job!

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