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Connected Data for Financial Analysts

Access the data you need, get the answers you want.


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Connect to source systems. Wrangle, enrich, and prepare data. Automate updates. Analyze trends.

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Get to the answer faster


connected data interface- enable teamwork

Combine and transform data

Centralize data from multiple sources to access everything you need—not just some of it.

Connect to the systems that matter, right out of the box. The most popular systems of record, performance management technologies, and BI tools are just a click away.

Add external data stored in .csv files and Workiva Spreadsheets, or even automate unstructured data loads via API.


connected data - lightning fast analysis

Lightning-fast analysis

Simplify report development with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop data prep, or take it to the next level by building your own SQL queries.

Pivot, drill down, or drill through to get to the underlying information you really need. Charting and visualizations allow you to inspect trends and identify patterns.

Create, store, and manage filters and tags associated with data to keep things organized.



connected data - collaborate and share

Collaborate and share

Data is truly connected from source system to final report for total trust in your final numbers. Deliver datasets and insights to connected reporting and compliance teams.

Specify time-bound parameters such as month, quarter, or year, and work directly with prepared data inside of spreadsheets and reports.

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Our forms are currently down.

Please contact us at info@workiva.com

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