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Designed Reporting with Workiva

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Ian Whitworth, Andromeda Wood, and Jacqueline Whitworth


1 hour


In this webinar, experts from Workiva will discuss data in the context of design when creating an annual financial report ready for iXBRL® filing.
Join Andromeda Wood, Ian Whitworth and Jacqueline Whitworth as they show how to create content which is channel neutral. They will demonstrate Workiva's new ICML exporter and explain how the improvements are aimed at making the platform the best publishing citizen to work with in corporate reporting. They will also show the IDML (InDesign) to XHTML conversion to create highly designed and accurate iXBRL documents that look like PDFs.
Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how to create excellent design using content from the Workiva platform
  • See a demonstration of the integration of the Workiva platform, InDesign and XHTML
  • Ask any questions you have around designed reporting

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iXBRL® is a trademark of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRL® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

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Our forms are currently down.

Please contact us at info@workiva.com

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