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Vereinfachung des Statutory Reporting

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Streamlined process
  • Wdesk allows multiple teams to create, edit, and update documents simultaneously, all within a single environment.
  • Document access is controlled with granular permissions that can be set on a full document, a section of a document, or a group of documents in a project.
  • Document review is more secure—all users can make and view comments in Wdesk without having to email multiple files.


Accurate information
  • Footnotes and financial data are linked, so when data is updated at the source, it automatically flows through to the multiple entities, individual financial statements, and audited financial report.
  • Documents are rolled forward from period to period—formatting and basic information can be reused without having to begin each report from scratch.


Controlled process
  • Data is collected from many unstructured sources and entered in Wdesk to be kept organized and structured.
  • The audit trail tracks all changes and shows who made changes and when, providing a history that is accessible at any point in the process.

Excel und Word sind eingetragene Marken der Microsoft Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten und/oder in anderen Ländern.

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Our forms are currently down.

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