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Zions Bank Testimonial: CCAR and Resolution Plan testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Zions Bank had to merge PDFs and combine information across programs, making any kind of reporting a challenge.

Connected Results

  • Information is housed in one location
  • Editing is simplified and transparent
  • Wdesk is used for an array of projects across the company


SEC Reporting, Regulatory Reporting




It eliminates version control which isn’t a feature per se but a great bonus. We had a huge problem with different edits coming in from different executives or departments and then it was our job to try to reconcile those. Wdesk just eliminates that problem because everyone can see what everyone else is doing.

We love the linking capabilities and I bet everyone says that and that’s a huge selling point. It saves time, saves energy, and we can focus on more important things beyond finding and replacing numbers.

Our customer success manager is great. From the very beginning he has been very helpful in teaching us and then leading us so we can stand on our own two feet. At the beginning he was very helpful, we could call him at any time, email anytime of the week, and he’d answer within an hour or even immediately. He’s been really great to work with.

For myself personally it was easy to jump in. From the second I saw it, it’s very intuitive and makes sense. It’s just like other technology and cloud based programs and it’s for a younger generation or even an older generation to jump in and use it. Before Wdesk we were using Word, Excel, and merging PDFs and it was just a mess so when Wdesk came in it was just all in one spot, all in one document, it’s made my life incredibly better, beyond words.

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