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Disconnected Challenges

The small team of internal auditors wanted the luxury of time to tackle SOX compliance process improvements and operational audit work, while the SEC reporting team was frustrated by the inefficiency of working with desktop-based software.

Connected Results

  • Streamlined productivity in compliance, shaving months from their process
  • Improved collaboration on documents with external auditors
  • Nearly 70% increase in reliance by external audit, saving money on audit fees
  • Increased connectivity between teams, improved data confidence, and reduced risk of error


SOX Compliance, SEC Reporting


It became evident as we implemented Wdesk and as we streamlined our processes that our money was well spent and even reduced the amount of error that would occur in very critical documents that go out to the public.

There's nothing more painful than having several versions of a document out here, there, wherever, and trying to collate that information together so that it's all in one place. Here, everyone can log in to that same place and make those changes and leave those comments so that when I go in to make those changes—or someone, a member of my team, makes those changes—that it's all in one place, and we're able to cleanly and effectively respond to issues that may come up or changes or revisions.

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