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W.R. Grace Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Using email for certifications, W.R. Grace & Co. looked for a more organized process.

Connected Results

  • Certifications management lives in one place
  • Users can respond easily in real time
  • Use of solution spread throughout the company


SOX Compliance, SEC Reporting, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting


Our first filing with Wdesk was our form 10-K for 2012. The process to convert from our old process to our new process was seamless.

Once you’re in the document, it is easy. It’s very user-friendly. So it didn’t take very long. The transition was very smooth.

Literally the hour before we were ready to file the document, we were able to make edits, make changes, review it, and file the document in a timely manner.

I conversed with our IT team, with our CIO, and told him that we were looking at a software that was in the cloud. He was actually happy that we were going in that direction, as opposed to having a software program that would take up more service space internally for W. R. Grace.

I have a two-year-old, and it makes it extremely easy when I can sit at home, and I can put him to bed at 9 o'clock,. If there is something that I need to do, I can do it from home. Or if he has a doctor’s appointment, I can sit there at the doctor's appointment on my iPad® and do what I need to do.

Our Customer Success Manager is an integral part of our reporting team. We consider her a part of our reporting team.

I’ve gained a working relationship with the CSM. It seems like we know each other, and we’ve never met one day in our life.

It does seem like the Customer Success Manager wants to know our document, wants to know more about our company, and doesn’t just treat it as another filing or another 180-page document. They actually treat it as if they were part of our reporting team. And, again, we feel like she is part of our reporting team.

The Wdesk philosophy is "we’re all in this together." So a best practice from W. R. Grace can hopefully help another client out and other client’s best practices can help us out in a collaborative manner. So, not only collaborating within our own document, but collaborating with other large companies is another benefit of Wdesk that I think we’ll see in the future.

I can leave at normal times and get to see my two-year-old. I literally on a quarter-end or a year-end, I would stay here until 8 or 9 p.m. or 2 a.m. It depends on what we were working on. But now I can literally leave at 6—at a reasonable time—to go have dinner with my family, and it’s been great. And I think it is attributable to Wdesk.

It’s that good of a product, and I believe it’s getting better—if that’s possible.

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