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Workiva Gets Better Every Day, Internal Audit Manager Says

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Having something that's cloud-based, you're always on the latest instance, and they're constantly making changes, making it better, and they listen to you. So, if you have a concern, something doesn't make sense, or you feel like something could be done better, they're open to that feedback. You can sometimes see some of those changes that you recommended show up in the next release.

For anybody that's thinking Wdesk, I would definitely recommend it. I've had a very good experience, and I'm still learning. In just one year, I feel like this is great, and people are asking me for my opinion, and saying, "Hey, you're good at this. Come talk to us about it." That's good. I mean, after a year to have that kind of expertise, I think that just shows how easy it is to use.

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