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Workiva Is the Answer for ICFR at Pharmaceutical Firm

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The benefits of Workiva for internal controls

PBC requests. Love it. The linking of everything is awesome. And then the certification process. That alone has saved me a lot of hours as well.

I feel much more confident in the numbers that I'm reporting to management as for where we are on status. I know when is the last someone's been reached out to. I know when a request has been made, what has been asked for.

User-friendly, easy to learn

For me, I didn't feel like it was a very steep learning curve. Even thinking about the process owners that we opened up Wdesk for them to go in and update their narratives, I had very few questions.

Insights for peers

I would say if they're doing something that's manual, they're crazy not to find something that takes that manual effort out.

I would say for me and for my group, Wdesk was the answer.

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