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Disconnected Challenges

This bank struggled with manual tasks slowing down its DFAST process.

Connected Results

  • Linked data updates automatically
  • Workiva consultants provided a streamlined process
  • Executives are thrilled with Wdesk for DFAST




The other great functionality feature that Wdesk has to offer is that multiple people can work in the same document at the same time. It is an amazing feature because, overall, I think I have about 60 people involved in the DFAST process and every section has an owner. So each person is responsible to update their own section. Allowing multiple people to work in the same document at the same time is an amazing feature.

There is another feature I am a big fan of which is syncing. We use a software to double up our model results, and the results from that software can be synced directly into Workiva, and it’s all with a click of a button. Those are some of the very key features that I value in Wdesk.

A couple of other things that come to my mind are the workflow, the approval, the blackline version, and the linking. With the audit trail, when was what updated, you can clearly see. You are allowed to leave comments in the document and then actually assign the comment to someone and send an email directly through Workiva to have them look at what you’re asking for, versus picking up a phone or sending and external email and then later on following up. So, those are some of the key features that I really like in Wdesk.

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