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Disconnected Challenges

This bank struggled with manual tasks slowing down its DFAST process.

Connected Results

  • Linked data updates automatically
  • Workiva consultants provided a streamlined process
  • Executives are thrilled with Wdesk for DFAST



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We already had Wdesk as part of our SEC filing, and for SEC filing, the board members, our committee, our CEO, COO, our external auditors, everyone gets involved in Qs and Ks. That’s one of the biggest documents that the CFO and the CEO sign off. They have this comfort level with Wdesk for our SEC. So when it was told to them we were going to leverage Wdesk for DFAST as well, they were pretty thrilled, and they were excited we were going to do that.

One of the comments we got from the regulators during the last year’s exam was that, "We have not seen this entire process anywhere else built to this extent in Wdesk." So we really got good brownie points from the regulators last year for examinations, and they are always complimentary of the technology and Wdesk that we keep using.

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