Wintrust eliminates manual efforts for DFAST



Anita Chakravarthy, SVP Finance, I work for Wintrust Financial Corporation. Today I oversee the DFAST process, and I am in charge of making sure that we file our DFAST process on time for FY16 and ensure it is done seamlessly.

One of my peers, who was overseeing the DFAST process at Wintrust, set up his own process, which was all manual collection of data, aggregating the model, tallying up the document, validation results, enterprise risk management, capital plan. All of that needs to be combined into one submission document that get submitted to the regulators, and he created a manual process. He created everything in Word® and Excel®. The next year, the CFO decided I will run the DFAST process, and I was brought in to oversee and make changes in the current manual process.

The first thing I looked at is, why are we doing this manually? We have licenses, and we have Wdesk. Why can’t we use Wdesk because Wdesk is a poster child for a process like DFAST? I knew the end goal, what I wanted to do with Wdesk, and how to get there was something I needed the Wdesk consultants to come in and assist me with. I knew there was this 250-page submission document that gets filed with the regulators annually. There are about another 100 or 150 documents that feeds into this document.

How do we link it? How do we sync it? What pieces should connect to each other? I knew everything had to be linked. If I change one number somewhere I knew that I want all the changes to be done and not someone manually doing a control-find and replace all because sometimes you replace something that you don’t want to replace, and that can be a nightmare. So I knew what the end goal was. Just how to get there was something that Wdesk assisted with, and it really made the process very seamless.

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