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Winnebago Industries - Board Reporting Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Winnebago Industries’ Finance Department tried to streamline its SEC report development and filing process for two years but the process was still complex and time consuming.

Connected Results

  • A streamlined approach to SEC report development and filing
  • Significant time savings on the SEC document development process, including at least 30 hours saved on word processing
  • Embracing and expanding use of a versatile, powerful solution for SEC reporting


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting


My overall experience has been wonderful using the Wdesk applications. It's made my life easier when it comes to mailing out the information to the board of directors. There's no mailing anymore. It's all electronic. It's quick—it's easy.

Before using Wdesk, a term that we like to use at Winnebago is "fire drill." We had a lot of people that would work on the materials, getting the materials together. Setting up the books took a lot of time.

It's a very stressful process in regards to having the ability to concentrate on making sure that the information is accurate and then also, "How does it look? Does it present well? Does it flow?" It was not an ideal process having to provide it manually, and we would FedEx it on a Friday for a Saturday morning, delivery for the following Tuesday's audit committee meeting—and just a stressful process for all involved.

That would be the first hurdle—is getting anybody on board internally to go away from this physical book to an electronic version of the board books. I also knew there could be some challenges with our board of directors. They also are used to having books, and they like to make notes in their books. They like to look over their books in advance. Each board member was maybe in a slightly different situation. So we've accommodated everyone’s request.

I could see the potential for the ease of use of these books. If there were changes to be made, they could be easily updated. I could see the potential for the communication between board members and internal staff here at Winnebago Industries. To actually put the books together, it used to take three of us. Now, it's basically just myself. I'm just uploading them into the Wdesk application. So, it's very simplified now.

To me, the Wdesk application is the future. It's confidential, it's quick, it's easy, it's user-friendly.

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