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Weave + Workiva

Weave Uses Workiva to Prepare for Its IPO

Disconnected Challenges

  • Version control
  • Disconnected spreadsheets and documents
  • Time-consuming manual updates

Connected Results

  • Streamlined collaboration, with internal and external collaborators always having the latest version in the cloud
  • Linked data for consistency and traceability of data
  • Completed the IPO process in four months

Why They Chose Workiva

Weave Communications saw the power of the Workiva platform to simplify collaboration, automate tedious tasks, and link data after using it to simplify the production of financial statements.

Workiva Solutions

  • Capital Market Transactions
  • SEC Reporting
  • Management Reporting


No time for manual updates or multiple versions on a tight IPO timeline

The financial reporting team at Weave Communications worried that coordinating an initial public offering using traditional office software would be problematic, from managing multiple versions of drafts to tracking disconnected Word and Excel files and updating late-changing numbers by hand.

We converted to Workiva about a year before our IPO to help build our financial statements, and it's been smooth sailing since.
Jordan Thompson
Director of Financial Reporting

We couldn't believe we waited so long to use the Workiva platform

After implementing the Workiva solution for financial statements, Jordan’s team experienced how the platform simplified collaboration among internal and external contributors and reviewers—and knew Workiva would have the right solution for working through an IPO.

  • Underwriters, external counsel, and Weave could work together remotely during drafting sessions within the Workiva platform
  • They could collaborate “on the fly,” in real time 
  • Anyone with the right permissions always had access to the latest version of a document, without waiting for a file to sync or come back from a printer
  • They could link data points and text across spreadsheets and documents, so they  could update information in one spot and automatically update it wherever it was linked across the S-1
We knew that with the work we had to do for the IPO, we needed something where we could collaborate and be more efficient on building the financial statements. We loved the Workiva platform. It made things so much easier compared to the old processes. We couldn't believe that we'd waited so long to implement it in the first place.
Jordan Thompson
Director of Financial Reporting

So easy to hit deadlines, with the accuracy the IPO process demands

Weave Communications met deadlines for going public after its kickoff organizational IPO meeting. 

Workiva was the real unsung hero for us to be able to meet our timeline, from org meeting to IPO day. Workiva was key for us to be able to do what we did in the timeline we did it in.
Jordan Thompson
Director of Financial Reporting

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