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Wdesk for state board reporting

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  • Becca's team used board book software and then moved to SharePoint® and OneNote® to create reports for monthly board meetings.
  • The board book software was expensive, and board members had trouble managing multiple account logins when using SharePoint.
  • The team struggled to upload documents to the two programs.
  • The board was concerned about the switch to Wdesk because of previous confidentiality and security problems with its current software.

Why Wdesk works for this state government

  • Becca's team includes everything from agendas to supporting documents for economic development projects in the board binder every month.
  • The reports complied in Wdesk contain 40 to 50 documents of various types and page lengths.
  • Becca estimates that the board administrator only spends a few hours compiling documents into the digital binder because the information is rolled forward from month to month.
  • Board members have expressed that they love the direct commenting feature—it allows them to collaborate and bring up questions before the meeting begins.

Team results

  • The team has gained peace of mind now that confidential government documents are more secure, and the overall board reporting process has improved since switching to Wdesk.
  • The single sign in feature of Wdesk has eliminated frustrations with logging in to documents.
  • Becca and her team are extremely happy with the customer service they receive from Workiva—praising the responsiveness and problem-solving ability of their CSM.
  • The state government is planning on expanding its use of Wdesk into even more monthly reports.
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