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Wdesk proves change is good for Meredith

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Disconnected Challenges

Meredith Corporation was dealing with clumsy report development in one department and slow, outdated processes in another. Both were working long hours just to prepare their business reports. The company needed a comprehensive solution to manage their issues and streamline their work.

Connected Results

  • Stress-free transitions thanks to world-class customer support
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased confidence in document quality from enhanced validation processes


SEC Reporting, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting

Meredith’s SEC reporting team was enthusiastic about how Wdesk had streamlined its entire process. “Workiva customer service is beyond compare,” says Terry Rinker. 

Everyone knows that change can be difficult. When you work in a high-stress environment like Corporate Governance, changing familiar processes and putting your trust in a new system can be practically overwhelming.

That was the challenge facing Terry Rinker, Senior Legal Assistant in Corporate Governance at Meredith Corporation, one of the leading media and marketing companies in the U.S. “I’m not very comfortable with change. I tend to stick with what I know,” she explains.

Among her many responsibilities is creating Section 16 reports for company officers and directors. But when the software firm that Meredith had been using to create those reports increased their rates, Meredith decided to find an alternative.

Rinker knew that Meredith had recently switched its SEC reporting over to Wdesk. So when she found out Section 16 reporting was also available, she decided to give it a chance. “I was very apprehensive,” admits Rinker.

Rinker was in charge of implementing the change. But thanks to the Workiva world-class Customer Success Team, she was able to switch without any issues. “The Workiva customer service is beyond compare,” says Rinker. “My Customer Success Manager walked me through the application. He was very reassuring and knowledgeable and offered anything I needed to get started.”

The Workiva customer service is beyond compare. My CSM walked me through the application. He was very reassuring and knowledgeable and offered anything I needed to get started.

— Terry Rinker, Senior Legal Assistant, Meredith Corporation

Despite her fears, Rinker says the switch to Wdesk has been nothing but positive. Before Wdesk it took her up to 90 minutes to produce a single report, and she had to create every report individually. “My time is very valuable,” she comments. “I have a highly stressful job so any time I can cut that stress it’s fantastic.”

Now with all of the forms and investor information stored on Wdesk, it takes just 10 minutes—at most—to create a Section 16 report. “Wdesk is a huge time saver! I love that the footnotes are already in there,” she adds. She uses the powerful Wdesk batch filing feature to create and file multiple reports at one time.

Rinker says the platform’s validation process gives her extra confidence in her reports because Wdesk double-checks the numbers throughout the document. In the end, Rinker says this change was a good one for her and the company. “I was afraid Wdesk would be difficult and I’d have trouble doing the filing. But that wasn’t the case at all. I would definitely recommend Wdesk!”

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