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Wdesk from our customers' perspectives.

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The fact that you can have a single consolidated workbook that has all of your information in it, it’s not only linked to say that 10-K or 10-Q document but you can also use that to link to your other documents it’s just, that is the biggest change from an efficiency standpoint.

It just has improved our lives and our financial statements so much. There’s less risk in having errors and it’s just so easy to use and I just love the comments function.

The tablet functionality and having everything on the cloud and just bringing that all together is just such a logical step in the evolution of this process.

There’s no longer a question if someone needs to leave the office the night before a filing, there’s no longer a concern that they need to sit around and wait for everyone to get done and for us to push the button.

Wdesk does keep evolving. There’s new features and new enhancements that keep coming out and with each and every one it just makes your job even better.

I was just amazed about the change in the technology how it hadn’t changed in so long and now it is and like I said I think this is the beginning of something that’s going to be very big.

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