Wdesk for ERM is a no-brainer for Upland Software



Marissa Palmer, SOX and Compliance Manager: We had already been using you guys and had used you for all of 2015 to do the SEC filing. Everybody loved it. Everybody loved how the tool worked, how could you not? It takes away so many manual processes. It was really after TEC when we got to see a sample of the ERM solution and what it could do. My boss was just like that’s what I want, so we started looking at it more.

It was just a really easy thing to kind of add on to something that was already existing. For us it was our primary process owners. They are the ones that are always in Workiva anyway. To not have to teach them a new module, to not have to have that extra time of training, and to be able to kind of transition slowly into something, that from a program perspective, meaning an ERM program, but not have to transition for an application, that’s something that was just kind of a no-brainer.

The fact that you guys had templates of things that, I don’t know you may have come up with, but also that customers had wanted, that made it super simple. I kind of always had an idea in my head of how I wanted this to look so that helped me. I thought an awful lot about what I used to do and what I would have wanted to have and what would have made my life and my colleagues’ lives so much easier, and I thought this is probably worth having. Then there were other things that I was like yeah, we’re never going to get to that level of complexity. That’s not the way this organization is built. That’s not the way it’s structured, so that’s not necessary.

For us it goes back to Wdesk’s core competency, which is the linking. That single source of truth for having master data files. It’s what keeps us going wow, this is just so great I don’t have to worry about reconciling data. That’s one of the things we love. I also love your dashboards. The customizing can get down to the nuances and can get down to the labeling. They are so colorful and so easy to read and are so pretty. You still don’t worry about whether or not it’s correct, like you do when you are going from Excel® data to PowerPoint®, it’s all still a single source of truth.

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