Upland Software saves time with Wdesk for SOX



I’m Marissa Palmer and I am from Upland Software and I am the SOX and Compliance Manager for Upland. Immediately you see the time savings. I’ve done SOX testing, and I have been in the SOX world for almost 10 years now so I know. I have done it manually and with a program. I know how much time it takes up. As far as the RCM, reconciling it, just that right there, something that used to take me days now takes me a couple of hours. It is not about having three spreadsheets and two big screens and looking at them side by side. That’s gone.

Compliance is a real tricky title to have because compliance is usually not that small, it is usually a lot. With compliance you get exposed to a huge area, everything from code of conduct to whistleblower to third-party disclosure. It is almost like saying “Legal”. There are so many things that you have to touch at that point. What it does is allows me bandwidth to work on refining our policy or creating a policy where we didn’t need one before, but we need one now. The other thing is that it allows me to deep dive into processes to see where we can improve them or maybe standardize more. Those are real value adds.

It lets me be more imaginative. What I mean by that, is there are things that, once you understand what Wdesk is capable of, it almost feels like the possibilities are limitless. You almost start to look at it different. You start to look at data collection and what it means. You start to look at all of it differently. The capabilities of this tool open up a whole new world of I think we can put this in here.

It's awesome to have a tool that can help you create your vision and make it a reality. It’s a product I enjoy using. It makes my life easier. It makes my job not necessarily easier, but it makes my job more interesting because I don’t have to spend massive amounts of time doing mundane administrative stuff that very few people like to do. It makes my job more interesting. It allows me to expand my scope so I am happy to recommend it because, well it might sound a little corny, but I believe in the product, so I believe in Wdesk.

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