Upland Software connects SOX and ERM with Wdesk



Marissa Palmer, SOX and Compliance Manager: Wdesk is a sticky product because we are already using this, and so it is just a natural progression to go into SOX. Since SOX is so closely related and there are even things we have to pull from SEC, well, there is that “sticky." As we go into the ERM tool we started with, obviously the risks and controls that we identified from SOX. It goes back to the process owners, they’re in the tool a lot, they’re familiar with the tool. If you have your process owners buy in as you start to expand certain types of areas, as you start to try and build a program, whether it be SOX or ERM, then it’s going to make it that much easier to get them on board and to get them to do what they need.

For SOX, single source of truth that will flow throughout your documentation and then a reduction in your administrative need to reconcile everything. That’s what you want. It’s the flexibility of the ERM. ERM you need to see your risk in different ways, maybe your executive management wants to see it different. The way you guys have built your ERM tool, it’s very adaptable. I can look at it for a smaller company, like where I am now at 400 plus and go, “Wow, we are not even there yet, but we can build it to where we want to be and when we get there and as we get there, it will fit us the whole time. It will grow with us.” That’s why I would encourage both tools. Slightly different reasons, but ultimately for both of them a reduction in the resources required to get the job done.

For both Wdesk and SOX, I have recommended it because it is a product that I enjoy using, it makes my life easier. It makes my job more interesting because I don’t have to spend massive amounts of time doing mundane administrative stuff that very few people like to do. It allows me to expand my scope, so I am happy to recommend it because well it might sound kind of corny, but I believe in the product, so I believe in Wdesk.

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