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Ultimate Software SEC Reporting Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Ultimate Software was a high-tech company stuck with a low-tech external reporting process. The company wanted a new way to develop and file reports that matched its high-tech, fast-moving culture.

Connected Results

  • Four days slashed from the report development process
  • Work-life balance improved
  • Collaborative report development and review
  • Secure, easy access to a cloud-based external reporting solution


SEC Reporting


We’ve really increased the quality of our linking in the document, getting it much more consistent through our various documents. Getting better use of our single source workbook to really be more consistent. We’ve really increased a lot of the efficiencies through better utilizing Wdesk. The ability to link is really a difference-maker.

The tool itself is very intuitive. It’s very comfortable, it is similar to Excel® with a worksheet, and then you have a text document behind it pretty much with your 10-Q or 10-K document, it’s just natural. There isn’t much learning curve, and when you have questions or thoughts of what you want to do, you can. Our CSMs have been great. I reach out to them, and it seems like they are working 24/7.

The product doesn't seem to have any limitations. What you see at the end of the day is just a flat document, but what goes into that with the linking, the collaboration, the comment features, the sharing features, the reviews, the blacklines, and the history. There's so much to it that it’s going to make their life a lot more efficient and increase their work-life balance, which is a big factor.

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