Tupperware Brands Corporation Testimonial



Trista Muse: We were one week into the close of our first quarter when we decided that we wanted to switch and we were still able to learn the new program, gather all of our data, get all of our files set up, and file on the same day that we would have even under our old process.

When Tupperware Brands first began with Web Filings, the training was phenomenal. Our first step was to take the online training available on the WebFilings website. We then followed up with our customer service representative at Web Filings, who answered any additional questions that we had, and then, since we were already in the quarter-end process, a week into it, we just started going. And then as we had questions along the way, our customer service rep was only a phone call away. He always answered the phone, there was never any trouble getting in touch with anyone, and we were up and running in about 3 days.

WebFilings has changed the process here at Tupperware by enabling us to have greater control over our reporting process. So since we are inputting the data ourselves, we spend less time reviewing. So data that I input as a manager can then be easily reviewed same time by the director and we can move on.

The main feature that we use is how you can split up the document into sections. And so my director can work on the MD&A while I’m working on the financials and the footnotes. And so we work at the same time inputting data into the workbook, making edits to the wording.

The greatest benefit that we’ve experienced at Tupperware Brands with WebFilings has been the ease of the XBRL process. That’s been the biggest change from our previous process where we used the printer. The back-and-forth process with XBRL was very time-consuming, so by handling the XBRL ourselves in a very user-friendly format has greatly sped up the XBRL time commitment.

I would certainly recommend WebFilings to a professional peer and have done so on a number of times, simply because the customer service is so phenomenal and the software is so easy to use. And because it’s available wherever you are. WebFilings has definitely made financial reporting’s job easier here at Tupperware Brands. Since we are in control of the process, we can start our project when we want to, we can set our own milestones on when we want to get to certain processes, and we can finish when we want to and we’re not reliant upon anyone else’s workload to get these goals accomplished.

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