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Take control of your reporting with Wdesk.

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It’s just kind of the next generation of where we are going. The printers they’re, they’re old school. They’re not up to speed. They’re not fast enough and you have complete control of your document. You can prepare your XBRL and prepare your document well ahead in advance when you have extra time so it just makes your whole life better during the filing process.

I have a comfort level from the Webfilings product knowing if we have a last minute change it will not be financial reporting that results in the deadline not being met because we can process the changes easily and quickly.

We’ve actually heard from numerous folks that review our document. Everything from just the look of the document when they see it. I think because it has all the finishing touches in it when we give it to them. Even though it’s a draft they feel that it looks more professional.

I have lost the pain and yes I have control. What’s better is that I have more people in the organization who are able to make changes and I feel like we have an even better quality document.

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