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Disconnected Challenges

The company's SEC reporting team had a paper-based tie-out process that led to inefficiencies and organizational challenges.

Connected Results

  • Multiple users can access Support Binders simultaneously, which means employees spend less time working weekends
  • Report creation delays caused by offline supporting documents have been eliminated
  • Support Binders, accessible anywhere, increase flexibility and save time


SEC Reporting

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Getting started with Support Binders was so easy. It is as simple as seeing what is available to you and drawing it out and then keying in. It is very intuitive. I would maybe get a day in the old process before my director would come and say, “Hey what’s ready? I need my piece, so I can start my side,” which meant that he wanted to take a piece of my binder with him, and that meant I couldn’t do my next document.

Being able to have all of that in Support Binders and all in the same system now, he waits for me to get a little bit of progress, and I say “Some of it is in there, you can go ahead,” and then it is all there. All the support is available to both of us, and it makes the process so much more seamless. Being able to share, just sending out that link to other teams, I don’t get interrupted as much with questions during tie outs because they know that they’re going to get that link soon, and it will probably answer their questions. Overall for our team and internal audit, it just happens faster and much easier.

I was working a lot of late nights and weekends trying to keep up with that demand. I can actually say that Q2 was the first quarter since I joined the SEC reporting team that I didn’t work a single weekend because I was able to stay up with it. I did work a couple of late nights, but I was able to keep up with it, and it kept our process going, and it also saved him some late nights and weekends too. I would say to anyone who is looking at Support Binders that it is easy to learn, it makes the process much easier, and it stops all the printing so, of course, it is greener because of that. The big binders are gone. It makes all the teams very happy.

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