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SOX Customer Compilation Testimonial

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There’s been an increased scrutiny from the PCAOB with respect to our auditors and how is management review being evidenced. So this tool is just a huge relief for us because it allows those reviews to be evidenced and it allows for accountability. People are going in and certifying that they reviewed and that they have comments or don’t have comments. So again it’s a huge benefit for our auditors because that’s their increased focus is well how do you evidence the management review.

Actually one of the features that I like the best about it is the dashboard feature. You can see where you are in the process, how many people have replied versus how many people haven’t, the percentage of completion you are, the days that are left in the process, all on one screen and then if I need to there’s always those people that need that little extra reminder I can remind them specifically, I can remind a group of people. I would highly recommend using certifications and to think not only about what it can do from the SOX standpoint to the compliance side think about what it can do for the business.

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