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  • The small internal audit team for SOX and internal controls had been navigating between multiple programs to format and update data in every instance in testing matrices, templates, and dashboards.

  • The senior program manager manually compiled information by going from person to person to create dashboards each week.

  • Collaborating through email and word of mouth caused confusion, a lack of control, and delays.

  • While the utility company was already using Wdesk for SEC reporting, what brought the decision to use Wdesk for SOX home was the SOX PMO's due diligence at a previous employer.

How Wdesk works for the SOX and internal controls team

  • Testing templates in Wdesk provides a weekly status report that's automatically updated in dashboards. Color-coded statuses are determined by conditional formatting that signals additional necessary actions.
  • With an integrated platform and linking abilities, data is easily compiled, updated, and transferred from the data gathering phases all of the way through to the final presentation.
  • The use of email and physical notes for collaboration is minimized with commenting and blackline features.
  • Time budgeting tracks and measures time allocated to controls. When a new regulation comes up, the team can anticipate the additional workload. This data can also be presented to management to demonstrate a need for hiring new employees.
  • Because the application is more configurable than a database, the team can internally design the fraud risk assessments.


  • The team estimates it saved an entire quarter on certifications.
  • Audit committee reporting was trimmed down to 3–4 days instead of 2 weeks.
  • The workload percentage devoted to accounting close and non-value add projects shrank from 60 percent to 30 percent—allowing the team to work on fraud risk assessments with the time saved.
  • According to the company, time budgets on controls for evidence management were cut as much as 20 percent. Evidence is sent back as early as the same day, due to the user friendly platform.
  • The team is seen as innovative and high-performing, rather than the company police because contributors are receiving evidence management requests through Wdesk and can certify things on the go—directly from their iPhone® or iPad®.
  • The CFO, CEO, and steering committee have noticed improvements and efficiencies that outweigh any costs.

Wdesk has quickly become the platform that we can’t live without.

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