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SmileDirectClub + Workiva

SmileDirectClub Makes Gains With the Help of Audit Analytics

Disconnected Challenges

  • Large amount of data lacking purpose
  • Slow turn around on audit reports

Connected Results

  • Quick, accurate audit analytics 
  • Full population reports
  • Agile, fast-paced data that keeps up with workflow

Why They Chose Workiva

The Workiva platform enabled SmileDirectClub to develop a robust internal audit program that delivers analytics to help make data-driven business decisions.
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Workiva Solutions

  • Internal Audit Management

When David Gamble joined SmileDirectClub in 2019, he knew that implementing the Workiva platform would be key to the organization’s success. As Director of Risk and Advisory Services, David set out to transform SmileDirectClub’s compliance program to help fuel the company’s growth. 

The Workiva platform allowed David to create a strong internal audit program that provides accurate data, eliminated the use of external auditors, and delivered automation. However, David’s C-suite began asking for more from the data.

“They want to know what’s happening right now, and what’s going to happen tomorrow,” he said. Real-time data enhances risk management and allows the C-suite to make more informed decisions for the business.

David and his team had access to an abundance of reliable data without clear direction on how to use it to their advantage. “How do we expand and collaborate with both business partners and with other compliance functions?” asked David. “And how can I get the right data?” 


With all this data at their fingertips, SmileDirectClub knew they had the opportunity to turn it into actionable insights when Workiva launched our audit analytics solution in early 2021. With the help of Clearview Group, David and his team implemented audit analytics to transform how they use their data and compile their reports. 

Implementing audit analytics allowed SmileDirectClub to improve risk management, increase their audit quality, and turn the data they already had into something more beneficial. It enabled David and his team to gain better insights to make data-driven business decisions and become a strategic partner within the organization. 

Through the data they already had, they began to create queries and testing to provide insights to 100% of their user population at any given moment. This helped SmileDirectClub determine what is and isn’t working for their business.

“As far as any startup company, you’re trying things out,” said David. “We’re a very agile and nimble company. We try new markets. It doesn’t work. We exit that market, and we move into another.”


Scott Freinberg, Director of Clearview Group, partnered with David and his team to implement audit analytics, fueling a broader internal audit program that creates more growth opportunities and enables better decision-making. 

“Internal audit can be used as an incubator for growing larger data analytics programs at organizations,” said Scott. “So given that internal audit has perspective over almost every area of the business, they have an idea of where analytics could be potentially used.”

Workiva’s audit analytics solution allows customers like SmileDirectClub to test populations without having to wait on process owners to send their populations or having to test out a sample population to give them clear answers. In addition, each team can look deep into a specific area of their business to derive data, helping them to make smaller, more useful audit reports. 

“There’s a huge benefit in full population testing,” said Scott. “Companies produce better audits and reports, reduce burden on the business, and improve the overall process.”

With the Workiva platform, customers can populate these analytics straight from their reports, giving them real data from their queries. Instead of being able to view only 40% or 60% of their populations, they can view 100% of their populations at any time. David remarked that his team moves quicker and more efficiently through reports because of this transparency.

“The data is fresher. It's smaller and more easily utilized by the business,” said David. “We see that as a win, and it makes us a better business partner.”

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