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Disconnected Challenges

New leadership wanted the FP&A reporting team to find a more efficient way to produce the board of directors report.

Connected Results

  • 87% reduction in the time it takes to compile the board of directors report
  • More collaborative report development process from the C-suite on down
  • More informative, consistent, and useful board of directors report


SOX Compliance, Management Reporting, Integrated Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, Enterprise Risk Management

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It started in external reporting, and now we have more users that use it for internal reporting than we do external reporting—that’s a nice added benefit of having the tool and showing the benefit. It really does continue to snowball from there. How else can we use this? Could we use this for SOX? Could we use this for support binders?

As you get higher up in the organization, leadership-wise, the same people are reviewing these reports out of accounting, out of FP&A, out of external reporting. Your CFO is looking at all of these reports. One added benefit is that if you have one system, where you create all these reports, then they only have to learn one system. They get used to it and understand the functionality applies to your board of directors report, your balance sheet review report, it applies to your earnings release. Of those different reports that you house in Wdesk, it adds this consistency factor, especially for senior-level management who are essentially signing the checks for you to actually have the tool. They see the benefit firsthand.

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